60 Untold Stories of Black Britain – Workshop at Goldsmiths University

September 15th 2015 twelve enthusiastic students of Evelyn Grace Academy, accompanied by Ms Fuller, came to the university to participate in a workshop on photographic techniques for taking portraits and techniques for recording oral history. The workshop was led by key participants of the Black History project 60 Untold Stories of Black Britain.

Working in small groups the students were able to explore composition techniques within portraiture using advanced lighting techniques such as one light studio flash set-up, natural light reflection and flashgun exposure on the visual language of the portrait.

Oral history focused on interview technique and audio optimization. The exploration of what is oral history led to the importance of questioning and how to set up interviews . The students successfully took portraits of the photographers and recorded interviews with the co-ordinator of the project. The sessions were practical and the results of the students’ work can be viewed/listened to below.

“We would like to thank the students for making this a really fruitful, fulfilling day for us. Their enthusiasm and commitment was exemplary and we hope they got as much from the day as we did. Thanks must also go to Devon Hanson, headteacher and his staff for their incredible support. We invite and look forward to Evelyn Grace students visiting the exhibition. We also look forward to their future in charting Black history.”

Beverley Campbell (Project Manager)