An interpretive soundscape by London based artists Blackmale Beats will be played at the private view of 60 Untold.


This audio piece will be made available online to listen to/download from October 2.

Blackmale Beats explore culture, status, environment, trends/ slangs and what community means to the artists. The concept behind their creative collective Community Roots involved thought provoking and challenges attitudes to how people interpret their environment. With the help of catchy classic soul samples and other artistic sound references in the mix, Blackmale Beats have managed to introduce an alternative way of producing a compilation into the UK music scene. ‘Ingland is a Bitch’ sampled from Linton Kwesi Johnson’s eye opening poem performed in 1980 on the cusp of the Brixton Riots, displays his views and struggles in England then, which are still relevant and current in today’s society.

Born in the 80s with a 70s state of mind and 90s sense of style; the Blackmale Beats duo grew up in South London. The influence behind Community Roots was based both on their upbringing in Brixton and Stockwell. The philosophy & style behind the Blackmale Beats machine is ‘to keep the tradition of Hip Hop alive’, with their primary musical influences ranging from Hip Hop musicians
J Dilla to Jazz references of Gil Scott-Heron.