Words by Beverley Campbell (Project Manager):

Jake Bryan-Amaning (Photographer)

Jake is a quietly creative young man whose work ought to be celebrated. Through his camera he is able to capture interesting aspects of the subjects he photographed. It is his calm and unassuming nature that enables subjects to relax, to be comfortable around him and thus to capture the charm of their personality.

Carlton Bryan (Photographer)

Carlton is a talented photographer who constantly challenges himself. His love of photography goes back to his youth when he first delighted in the magic of capturing images. Photography is complicated by other artistic interests and he enjoys the challenge of digital photography and working with young people.

George Walfall (Photographer)

George quietly and consistently delivers in the background. His eye for detail is impeccable and like so many people who beaver away in the background his talent would easily be missed. He is an enabler, creatively passing on skills to others in a sensitive way.

Keri-Luke Campbell (Photographer)

Keri-Luke is a young and talented person. His photographic skills are powerful. He has an eye for detail and creativity is apparent in all he does. His work for Autograph ABP’s “Black Chronicles II” was highly commended. People of all ages warm to him and thus he being out the very best in subjects he photographs. His skills extend beyond still image to the moving image. In his first year at university he was won the Westminster Film Forum award for Best Short Film.

Tamar Clark-Brown (Curator)

Tamar is quiet and unassuming. It is when you see her work that you realise she is a powerhouse of creativity. She has a quiet professionalism defined by her meticulous approach to curation.